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oct. 28 cuba
i arrived at cuba!! it was very nice. i paticipated in salsa festival. everybody dance dance dance!! cuban are good dancer.

oct. 31 halloween
today held halloween party. i enjoyed very much. costums were very fun.

nov. 3 panama canal
we passed panama canal. ship clim up and down the mountain.

nov. 6 peru
i arrived at peru. from today, i become backpacker! with friend i went to nazka.

nov.7 nazka
in the morning, i got on a sesna to watch the picture on land. it was so exiting!! i took a lot of pictures.

nov. 9 machupichu
i went to machupichu. it was great!!

nov. 10 lake titikaka
titikaka lake was very beautiful. i got on the totora boat and uros island.
by ayasan123jp | 2005-11-12 04:06 | 日記
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